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About Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organisation, like individuals, depend for their survival, sustenance and growth on the support and goodwill of the communities of which they are an integral part, and must pay back this generosity in every way they can.This ethical standpoint, derived from the vision of our founder, lies at the heart of the CSR philosophy of the PRISMA LOGISTICS. For us, being socially responsible is not an occasional act of charity or that one-time token financial contribution to the local school, hospital or environmental NGO. It is an ongoing year-round commitment, which is integrated into the very core of our business objectives and strategy. Because we believe that there is no contradiction between doing well and doing right. Indeed, doing right is a necessary condition for doing well. We work with communities to deliver programmes that promote social and economic development focusing on health, youth and financial education. We work in partnership with our clients to manage environmental and social risks. In doing so, we believe that we create a competitive advantage for our clients, strengthen and develop long-term relationships, and contribute to sustainable economic growth in our communities.